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SINCE 1980

We have been fascinated by water skiing since 1980. Our lake is located on the Vienna city limits, can be reached in about 30 minutes from downtown Vienna, is crystal clear and has drinking water quality.

The slalom course homologated for competitions with permanently installed state-of-the-art video competition recording is north-south oriented and with our new ski jump all three disciplines of slalom, jump and trick can now be trained!

The water level is 5-7 meters below the landscape level, which ensures an almost smooth water surface even in unfavorable wind conditions …

And if you are looking for a new ski, you can test a wide range of different brands free of charge.

Not only do we have a good club atmosphere and motivated coaches, but with us you can also test skis from a wide range of brands for free. Our sauna overlooking the course is ideal for relaxing your muscles after a set or for warming up when the temperatures are a little more subdued …

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Since 1980

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Since 1980

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